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Retain the masculinity and majesty of the Afgan ruler, The white marble tomb is a product of mixed architectural and cultural blend of Hindu, Muslim, Afghan styles. It has a beautiful dome, marble lattice work, porticos, courts and towers. Hoshang Shah started constructing his own tomb but it was completed by his son five years after his death in 1440. In 1659, Sahjahan visited the tomb and was amazed by its beauty. He had sent his architects to study the design of and draw inspiration from the Tomb. Among them was Ustad Hamid, who was also associated with the construction of TajMahal.

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By Air

Nearest Airport to Mandu is:

Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, Indore.

By Road

Nearest Bus stand to Mandu is:

Dhar Bus Stand.

By Rail

Nearest Railway station to Mandu is:

Dhar Railway Station.

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Hotel Royal palace, Mandu

Rupmati Hotel, Dhar rd, Mandu

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Azooba Hotel, Mandu

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Capture5POLICE – 100


Woman’s helpline – 1090

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