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Other major gem to visit in the Lakshadweep is the Chetlat Island. This is the most beautiful islands you ever seen in your life. This island looks like a garden of coconut. The other trees found in the island are cheerani Paruthi, jack fruit tree, Murunga. These trees make this island most beautiful and also provides a place for making the enjoyments and entertainments under the vicinities of these trees. The world famous fish Tuna particularly the skip jack variety is found in large shoals in the deep seas around Chetlat. Whales and tortoises are also found in the vicinity of the island. In the island a few species of birds and animals are found. These all wonders will surely takes you in the heaven. You will takes from here the finest memories of your life. The peaceful and calm environments of this islands are another major factor by which lot of the tourists come to visit this islands.

Best Time to Visit: October to mid-May

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bhaaratdarshan-HotelNEAREST HOTELS

Coral Beach Resort

Island Holiday Home

Agatti Island beach resort

Bangaram Island

Bangaram Island Resort

bhaaratdarshan-restaurantNEAREST RESTAURANTS

Brighton Beach Cafe

Chilliout Cafe Cherai beach

Coconut Lounge

Blue Waters Resort

Baywatch Beach Homes

bhaaratdarshan-how-to-reachHow To Reach

By Air

Nearest airport to Lakshadweep is:

Island of Agatti Airport.

By Road

Nearest bus stand to lakshayadweep is:

Kasaragod bus stand. After reaching kasaragod you can take ship to reach Lakshadweep Island.

By Rail

Nearest Railway station to Lakshadweep is:

 Bekal Fort Pallikere, Kerala.

bhaaratdarshan-emergencyPolice Superintendent of Police 
4896-262750, 262258, 262239
Indira Gandhi Ambulance Service 
4896-262327, 262240
Woman helpline “Director Social Welfare” 
263703, 262206